eHealth Conference

20 January 2004, Athens, Esperia Palace Hotel

TOPIC: "National Strategy for Health via New Technologies"

Keynote Speakers included but not limited to:
Marietta Giannakou-Koutsikou, former Minister of Health, Maria Kara, Member of Parliament of the party of Nea Dimokratia, Stephanos Geroulanos, Director of E.R. at the Onassio Cardiological Center, Ioannis Kafezas, Gastroenterologist and President of the Greek Medical Company of Information and Technology, Antonis Vassilogiannakopoulos, Asst. Director of the First pathological clinic in Greece, "ERRIKOS DYNAN" Hospital.

An Overview of the topics addressed were:

  • "The Human Potential and the Society of Information"
  • "The Challenges and the Reorganization of the National Health System"
  • "Information technology in Health"
  • "Experiences and conclusions from the application of E-Health in Greece"
  • "The future of medical education for eSurgery"
  • "Applications of new technology in eHealth"
  • "New technologies for infections and in public health"

Corporate Sponsorship: 3NET & European Profiles