PRESS RELEASE - Athens, July 11 2008


1. The Establishment of the Hellenic Aviation Chamber
2. Civil Aviation and Tourism Opportunities

iForce Communications in collaboration with the Pan-Hellenic Union of Flight Personnel of the Security Forces and Public Sectors (P.E.I.P.S.A.D.Y., and the Association of European Journalists recently organized in Athens, Greece for the third consecutive year the 3rd Annual Conference titled "Air Transportation Present and Future". The conference was under the aegis of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications of the Hellenic Government.

The conference has been held successfully at the auditorium of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications in Athens and provides an opportunity for members of the nascent Hellenic aviation community (private & public sector) to meet, lobby, exchange opinions as well as inform each other for the latest news, needs, innovations, developments, legal changes and upgrades and trading concerns.

The ATPF was established to create a forum for state and private aviation professionals coming from different backgrounds to exchange ideas, information, and personal experiences, as well as to promote and educate public officials about how the Hellenic aviation industry benefits local communities, the country and how it is linked with the Gross Domestic Product. Additionally, the government seek input from ATPF on a wide variety of topics including efforts to plan aviation's future in Greece.

Fokion Zaimis, President of iForce Communications SA in the opening the morning session expressed his vision that Greece having usually perfect weather conditions, beautiful landscape and more than 45 airports will become ''THE BEST COUNTRY TO FLY'' and close the existing gap with the rest of developed countries in the civil aviation sector if the Government:
• will take the necessary political initiatives to modernize the existing legal framework and
• Simplify the existing flight procedures.

The conference's focal points were two. On the first panel of the day PEIPSADI's Chairman and pilot Lieutenant Yiannis Siriopoulos announced need for the establishment of the Hellenic Aviation Chamber in order to proceed the needed changes in the legal framework for Greece's Civil Aviation. Both speakers and the attendants agreed that an Aviation Chamber will offer confidence and specialised consultative services to the Greek government and give relief to heavily centralised bodies such as the Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority.

During this panel the speakers , focused on Hellenic air transport regulatory framework and how organisations would overcome time consuming bureaucratic elements in favour of the public benefit and trade liberalisation offering at the same time trust, safety and security to the users, consumers, travellers and workforce. The need for proper training of civil aviation personnel also was discussed.

The conference also raised issues related to the General Aviation business environment. More specifically the second panel speakers Mr. Andonis Simigdalas, COO of Aegean Airlines and Chairman of the European Regions Airline Association ERA said that the General Aviation system it is expected to flourish and become one of the most lucrative businesses in Greece when and if the Greek government will deregulate and offer incentives to the people involved as well as the visitors, travellers and general users.

Mr. Panayiotis Neufelt Chairman and CEO of CIEL Airlines, S.A. said that the General Aviation is in scale one of the most accurate business evaluation systems ready to work for the benefit of the grater Hellenic Aviation System, and as it gathers professionals from all aviation professions works as a pool from where the Aviation related Companies seek for partners, associates, customers and providers.

At the end of the conference Mr. Fokion Zaimis, President of iForce Communications SA thanked the participants, the guest speakers, the audience, the Ministry and the Sponsors and Supporters announcing the end of the Third Annual Conference. Media sponsors included magazines ''REMOVE BEFORE FLIGHT'', ''FLIGHT AND SPACE'', EVROPAIKI EKFRASI and newspapers ISOTIMIA and INADE NEWS. Athens International Airport was the main sponsor of the event and INTERJET and CIEL Airlines the main supporters.,,,,,,,,,,

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