PRESS RELEASE - Athens, 17 September 2003


The General Secretary of Youth ( has called upon the youth of Greece to participate in an art competition, concerning Racism and Xenophobia, which began in December 2002 and ended February 2003. Young adults ages 30 and under as well as students participated in the competition with more than (400) artistic submissions incorporating the theme of "RACISM AND XENOPHOBIA. ACTION-REACTION". Submissions were of 4 size and of the (400) approximately (120) pieces were selected to be exhibited firstly at the City Hall in Brussels, Belgium, "Saint-Gilles" and secondly, at the Exhibition Hall of the War Museum in Athens (June 17-19, 2003) co-ordinated by iForce Communications SA ( Thirteen finalists of the above (120) artists who had been pre-selected were offered awards at a ceremony held at the Amphitheatre of the Athens War Museum on Wednesday June 18, 2003. The three winners were given monetary awards of (1.500, 1.000 and 750 euros respectively) and a commemorative sculpture award for their noted artistic expression by the Known artists Aristedes Balanos and Margot McPherson ( The remaining ten runners-up were awarded with commemorative plaques and diplomas.

First Prize was given to Miss Paraskevi Tzenidou and Mr. George Haralabidis.

Second Prize went to Mr. Michael David Ochs.

Third Prize went to the 1o Technical School of Volos (sector of informatics).

Runners-up included: Miss Liakou Evanthia, Miss Manoli Stavroula, Mr. Tsoutsas Aristidis, Miss Petroglou Maria, Mr Stamoulis Ioannis, Miss Tzavara Christina, Mr Tzavaras Dimitris, Miss Politi Angela, Miss Fotinou Fotini and Miss Kostoglou Stavroula.

The Evaluation Committee which selected the winners consisted of Dimitrios Mitaras (Artist & Painter), Stathis Stavropoulos (Cartoonist) and Aphrodite Simiti (Radio Production Manager). Present at the Awards Ceremony were the General Secretary of Youth, Mr. George Sakellion and the President of the International Organisation for Immigrants, Mr. Daniel Esdras. Mr. Sakellion thanked all the young persons who participated to the exhibition and also their families for their moral support and once again noted that the Secretariat will continue its efforts on abolishing racism and xenophobia in Greece and promised to continue this exhibition in other places of Greece in the near future. Mr. Esdras emphasised the importance of the "YOUTH PROGRAMME" against racism and xenophobia in Greece and their commitment to work on helping refugees and social non-privileged groups of foreigners to live and work in Greece.


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