PRESS RELEASE: Athens, June 25th 2001

Subject : "Cruising Towards the New Economy" - After Cruise release

Computers will never acquire common sense; therefore, humans will always be useful and necessary. Even in the next century, robots will not attain the intelligence required to compete with the human race. This was the central conclusion drawn from the conference "Cruising Towards the New Economy", which took place on Sunday, June 17th, that gathered more than 250 representatives from the business and academic world of the New Economy. This innovative event was organized by iForce Communications in collaboration with Newcroft Conferences & Conventions.

The conference was initiated by the Presidents of iForce Communications and Newcroft Conference & Conventions, Fokion Zaimis and Christos Stoforopoulos, respectively, stressed the importance of such an event for Greece because it combined distinguished speakers and delegates with the beauty of the Greek isles.

In less than 20 years, the price of microchips will be so low, that they will be on of the greatest sources of rubbish on the planet. At the same time, they will be dispersed everywhere, invisible, like the wiring that provides us with electricity, yet such a large and necessary part of everyday life. The keynote speaker, Dr. Michio Kaku, astonished the participants with his ease in describing how the next 20 years will affect human kind. According to research performed by Dr. Kaku and his colleagues, the smartest robot has the intelligence of a retarded cockroach, nowhere near the brainpower possessed by a human being. Dr. Kaku also discussed Moore's law, which states that computer power doubles every 18 months, leading to the revolution which will make chips as readily available and inexpensive as paper. "Soon, microchips in your clothing will monitor your blood pressure and alert you when something is wrong" pointed Dr. Kaku. The above deductions were achieved by Dr. Kaku's interviews with more than 150 world-renowned scientists for his book "Visions".

The cruise and conference sailing to the islands of Aegina and Hydra had many other important speakers as well. Professor George Doukidis from the Athens University of Economics, the President of Heltran Networks, and the e-Commerce Commission of the Ministry of Development, stressed the important role education will have on new technologies. Prof. Doukidis underlined that in the next few decades, universities need to change the manner in which they function so as to adapt to the new market more efficiently.

Among the speakers, John Kamatakis, the President of MLS Firmware, mentioned the new rules governing global restructuring, as well as electronic publishing and distribution. Dr. George Triantaphyllou, Ph. D. Yale University, Telesis Securities Derivatives Market Maker, commented that in the last years, our civilization has been marked by an increasing global interdependence while he explored the impact that electronic trading has on the shape of the modern world of finance.

Efstathios Gourdomichalis, Executive Director of Gourdomichalis Naftiki Eteria and Free Ships SA discussed shipping related New Economy Ventures, while Dr. Gerrit Jan van Zoelen, member of the Board of Directors of Hermes Ventures and General Manager at Connexion Holding in Weert, Holland, stressed the importance of good client relations in providing the best possible internet solutions, and Massimo Miazzetto, Sales Director of Greece and Israel discussed the role of B2B e-commerce in the New Economy.

A portion of the conference proceeds will be donated to the food, clothing, and toy bank of Patras, which aims at covering the basic needs of the homeless citizens of Patras, as well as The National Marine Park of Alonissos-Northern Sporades, the home of the Mediterranean Monk seal, which seeks to protect and preserve the ecological equilibrium of the island.

The conference closed with gifts given to the speakers by Mr. George Potamianos, who stressed the need for more social sensitivity that is not currently evident with the current state of technological progress and Mr. Karras, President of the Hellenic Society for the Protection of the Environment and Preservation of Cultural Heritage, who outlined the goals and history of the organization . Mr. Petros Rigatos, the Vice-Mayor of Patras, expressed his gratitude to Mr. Fokion Zaimis for his contribution to the food, clothing, and toy bank with a commemorative medal.

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