PRESS RELEASE - Thessalonica, November 5, 2001

Subject: "Gala of Hellenic Tourist Properties in Thessalonica"

The company Hellenic Tourist Properties S. A. (HTP) has organised a gala in a popular Thessalonica club on Friday, the 2nd of November. Hellenic Tourist Properties SA, was established for utilizing and developing the Greek National Tourist Organization's assets, through use of the international financial and investments market's criteria, methods and tools. The assets of the Hellenic Tourist Properties amounting to an estimate overall value in excess of three trillion drachmas, constitute essentially the largest property portfolio in Greece. The company's aim involves advanced skills and services as well as special handling at various levels of activity. It involves the exceptionally competitive environment of the Mediterranean tourist destinations as the international tourist market targets them.

The Former Minister Sotiris Kouvelas
and the Director of Business Development
and Operations of ETA, Nassos Kokkinos.
Mr. Tolis Keremoglou of ETA, the Minister of Development Akis Tsohatzopoulos and Fokion Zaimis, the CEO of Acropolis Technological Park.

The event took place in the field of the Philoxenia 2001 exhibition. Mr. Stefanos Hatzopoulos, President of HTP and Mr. Anastasios Homenidis, CEO of HTP, were there to welcome the guests. Among others, the Minister of Development Mr. Akis Tsohatzopoulos, the Deputy Minister of Development Mr. Dimitrios Georgakopoulos, the President of Greek National Tourism Organisation Mr. Evgenios Giannakopoulos and the General Secretary of GNTO, Mr. Dimitris Georgarakis, honoured the gala with their presence. Representatives of the Greek tourism sector, representatives of the political world of Thessalonica, a great number of businessmen, journalists and executives of GNTO and HTP, enjoyed the evening. During the evening, dancing escorted the discussions related to the development of Greek tourism.

Mr. George Vernikos, the Minister of Development Akis Tsohatzopoulos and Christina Koloniaris. The CEO of ETA Anastasios Homenidis,
the Minister of Development Akis Tsohatzopoulos,
Eleni Kalogera-Delivoria and
Tzenny Papadopoulou of ETA.

The Director of Business Development and Operations of ETA, Nassos Kokkinos and the President of ETA BoD, Stefanos Hatzopoulos. Fokion Zaimis, the CEO of Acropolis Technological Park and Dimitris Kouvelas.

The president of HTP presented to the Minister of Development an oil on canvas by the known painter Aristeidis Balanos.

The event was organised by iForce Communications S.A.